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Waterproof Inkjet Film

Waterproof Screen Printing Inkjet Film is now the standard in the screen printing industry, due to its advantages over conventional inkjet films. Standard inkjet films may run, producing blotches and misprints, if they are not treated with the utmost in care and handled sensitivity. Waterproof inkjet film is more receptive to emulsion and resistant to water, allowing your patterns to set perfectly and produce a cleaner, higher quality print each time.

Our SPA Waterproof Inkjet Film is designed to allow for the highest quality prints, every time. Available in a variety of sizes, both pre-cut and in roll form, this film has been designed for use on a range of materials and printers and tested to ensure that prints are crisp and clean each and every time.

Don’t leave your printing to low-quality, non-waterproof films. Waterproof screen printing inkjet film from Screen Process of Alabama ensures you get the best results with the clearest patterns and most vibrant colors on every production run.

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SPA Waterproof Inkjet Film
Our Price: $49.95