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Tekmar TB – The Best in Waterbased Screen Print Adhesive

Tekmar is the leader in screen print adhesives, offering the latest in adhesive technology which allows for incredibly fast tack times and superior hold compared to other adhesives. Their revolutionary pallet adhesives for screen printing make it simple to tack t-shirts, sweaters and more, and the superior grip allows for a precise print every time.

The TB-500 screen printing spray adhesive system is an alternative to ozone-layer-damaging aerosol glues with their unpleasant fumes and inconsistent spraying. The stainless steel tipped spray gun ensures a clean, even, predictable spray of adhesive, while the one gallon bucket attachment means that you can work consistently for longer without stopping for refilling. The TB-1000 system offers the same performance but in a bigger package for bigger production runs, offering additional automatic operation options.

Both can be used with our Tekmar TB-10 adhesive, while simpler jobs may be done with a 16 ounce bottle of brush-on Alba Tac. Whatever your screen print adhesive needs, Screen Process of Alabama offers a solution that provides clean, solid adhesion. Browse our selection below to find the right products for your business.

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Tekmar TB-10 Waterbased Pallet Adhesive
Our Price: $40.95

TEKMAR TB 10 is a revolutionary new adhesive, developed specifically for the textile screen printing industry. It is manufactured using newly developed synthetic polymer technology, that until now, has not been available for screen printing applications. TB 10 is designed to be sprayed through an adhesive applicator such as the TARGET SYSTEM TB 1000. It affords tremendous hold down for both Tee's and sweats and has a tack time that rivals aerosol solvent based adhesives.
Tekmar TB-500 Waterbased Pallet Adhesive Spray System
Our Price: $495.00

The TARGET SYSTEM TB 500 is the ideal replacement for aerosol adhesives. Perfect for small to medium sized screen print shops, working with manual and automatic presses. Snapping easily onto a special 1 gallon bucket, the exceptional economy of the system eliminates the need for frequent refills. Fully adjustable for both fluid and air flows, the stainless steel tipped spray gun utilizes HVLP technology, allowing the application of a perfect mist coating of adhesive, while minimizing overspray.
Tekmar TB-1000 Waterbased Pallet Adhesive Spray System
Our Price: $895.00

The TB1000 is the last word in semi-automatic adhesive application systems. Designed to be used with TEKBOND water based adhesive, this revolutionary product delivers savings of up to 600% over aerosols alone. The air driven diaphragm pump, provides an on-demand adhesive supply to the TARGET TB 591 HVLP, compact stainless steel tipped spray gun.