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Pallet Tape for Screen Printing

Pallet tape is necessary for platen masking. If you want to keep your screen printing press clean, smooth, and ready for work; a roll of high quality pallet tape. Our selection of pallet tape for screen printing allows you to simply remove a top layer of soiled, used tape; and access a clean layer right underneath in seconds, making production simple and saving you aggravation.

Our most popular pallet tape is the TransferRite pallet tape in 24 inch by 100 foot rolls; available many different colors, from black to gold. This premier screen printing tape is heat-resistant, smooth, standard weight and designed to get your pallets clean quickly with little waste to dispose of. For smaller jobs, R-Tape vinyl rolls come in 16 inches by 100 feet, and 18 inches by 100 feet in length, giving you the flexibility to tackle any job. Browse our selection for screen printing pallet tape below, and improve your printing with less mess today!

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R-Tape Pallet Tape 16" x 100'
Our Price: $59.54

R-Tape Pallet Tape 18" x 100'
Our Price: $66.90

R-Tape Pallet Tape 24" x 100'
Our Price: $89.20

Standard weight saturated smooth paper tape with heat-resistant adhesive. Saves time and money by keeping pallets clean and reduces clean up time. Apply several layers to easily remove soiled top layer for quick disposal, to expose a clean layer of pallet tape.
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