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Water Based Screen Print Ink by Matsui

Great prints require great ink. Finding the right ink for your applications is critical. For those requiring water based silkscreen inks, Screen Process of Alabama is proud to offer Matsui Waterbase Ink – one of the leading brands which provides the finest results and vivid colors with each print.

Matsui Water Based Inks for screen printing offer the right combination of a potent yet gentle binder base, with bright and vivid pigments, to produce accurate colors that are bright, beautiful and long lasting. The Matsui Water Based Ink discharge kit allows for quick cleaning and changing of colors. Easy to tint, easy to clean and great results – if you’re looking for a water based screen print ink for your next project, then look no further.

Take some time to explore our collection of water based screen print ink to find the best one for your business needs. Choose from base or pigment starter kits. Browse our site for everything you need for great screen printing results no matter what the project.