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Franmar D-Grease
Our Price: $17.80

Made from distilled corn oil for the ultimate in consumer safety and environmental health. d-Grease delivers unparalleled cleaning power while eliminating dangerous side effects from toxins found in other major degreasers. It is a super-fast drying surface cleaner that is ideal for removing any residue of cleaning solvents left on your screen. Helps to eliminate pin-holing. Screens can be re-taped immediately.
Franmar Bean-e-doo
Our Price: $36.70

BEAN-e-doo was the first product introduced by Franmar to replace the caustic, toxic, high odor products that screen printers used to clean textile inks from their screens. BEAN-e-doo Textile Ink Cleaner does not present the significant safety and environmental problems associated with most other products available. It is a safe product that cleans up the tough jobs.
Franmar Strip-e-Doo
Our Price: $41.95

Strip-e-doo also contains a degreaser so it may eliminate further steps and cleaners, saving you time and money. Naturally derived, biodegradable and non-toxic, it allow you to meet your environmental stewardship responsibility in protecting your workers' and family's health and safety.
Franmar Ickee Stickee Unstuck
Our Price: $60.85

Need to get rid of the fleece and adhesive build-up from your palletes? Try Ickee Stickee Unstuck and you will never use anything else again. All you do is spray it on, wipe it off. Works quickly and effectively. Economical because you don't use much of it. Great for removing over-spray from press and floors, and ink from squeegees and machines.
Franmar D-Haze
Our Price: $62.95

Developed by Franmar to provide safe and an environmentally acceptable alternative to old-style ozone depleting solvents, d-Haze completely eliminates the ink haze and ghost images. A non-caustic, non-toxic product that will not damage the mesh even after years of use. Properly used, it will deliver faster, better, and cheaper cleaning than any equivalent product on the market today.
Franmar GreenWay
Our Price: $71.35

One of the most environmentally safe cleaners for plastisol inks, GREENEWAY can be diluted up to 50% with water, making it one of the most economical and powerful cleaners available today. Cleans plastisol and water-based inks from the screen in the reclaim area for a simple water rinse. Provides for less wear on emulsions and is worker and equipment safe. For U/V and air dry inks, use full strength.