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Newman Roller Coner Softening Tool
Our Price: $4.48

The Corner Softening Tool is used to pre-soften the mesh at the corners during the stretching process. It is made of a durable hard plastic and is rounded to prevent any damage to the mesh.
Newman Roller Alignment Clips
Our Price: $32.86

Alignment Clips are used to hold the mesh in place prior to inserting the Locking Strip and also ensures that the mesh is inserted straight during the stretching process. Alignment Clips come in a package of 6 clips.
Newman Roller Locking Strip Universal
Our Price: $89.50

The Locking Strip is used during the stretching process to hold the mesh to the screen during and after stretching.

Universal Locking Strip - Clear: The Clear is known as the Universal Locking Strip and is used for all mesh counts from 86 and above.
Newman Roller Locking Strip Black
Our Price: $130.01

Heavy Duty Locking Strip - Black: The Black is used for all coarse mesh counts below 86. It is slightly thinner than the Clear Universal Locking Stip.