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Our Price: $24.36

Full strength emulsion remover. Ready to use, no dilution necessary.
SPA Ink & Emulsion Remover
Our Price: $30.98

SPA Ink & Emulsion Remover is a concentrated one step ink and emulsion remover designed for use in spray or dip tank applications. A truly efficient and economical way to reclaim textile screens.
SPA Stain Remover/ Degreaser
Our Price: $46.73

For textile printers there is no contest – SPA Stain Remover/ Degreaser is the best. It’s a haze remover, degreaser and clarifier all in one. If you print fabric, SPA Stain Remover/ Degreaser is your answer.
SPA Textile Ink Degrader
Our Price: $46.73

Ink spills and accidents are a reality of working with screen printing equipment. Having a powerful screen printing ink remover is critical to cleaning up these accidents as well as machine of your screen printing equipment.

SPA Textile Ink Degrader is a combination ink thinner, degreaser, stain remover and ink dissolver that can be brushed or sprayed on with ease, quickly doing all the work of a ink remover without damaging your sensitive screen printing equipment. Available in gallon and five gallon sizes, SPA Textile Ink Degrader has a great bubblegum scent. Easy to use, pleasant smelling and powerful – no wonder SPA Textile Ink Degrader is one of our most popular screen printing chemicals.

SPA ER- Concentrate
Our Price: $54.81

SPA ER- Con. is an extra concentrated emulsion remover formulated for fast and easy removal of diazo, photo polymer and capillary film emulsions.

Mix 1 part chemical with 10/30 parts water.