Screen Process of Alabama
We Dare To Be Different.

Screen Process of Alabama, LLC (SPA) was founded in February of 1996 by Terry Smith. He was joined shortly thereafter by John Szczesniak as a full partner. Terry and John are both former Wilflex employees and Wilflex Ink was and is the flagship line of Screen Process. Terry and John saw a need in the Southeast for a service oriented company to add value to the fine products available to the printer. As a group, the employees at Screen Process have well over 100 years combined experience in the Screen Printing Industry. SPA has over 15 years experience in the chemical industry as well. We strive to hire the right people and train them in all facets of the business as well as in other areas such as time and territory management, phone etiquette etc. One result of this is that we have very little turn over.

At SPA we value all of our customers and strive to serve the small customer in the same way we serve the large customer. We have built an impressive line of Companies that we represent and hope you will allow us to demonstrate the value that we add to these lines. As with any company we strive to make as many people happy as possible, but we know we can never please everyone. Like everyone we make a mistakes every now and then and hope you will point these out and allow us to correct them as I know you would want your customers to do.

We appreciate any ideas and constructive criticism and you are welcome to contact Customer Service at 1-800-804-0786.

In closing we would like to ask you to allow us to prove ourselves and we would be honored to take care of your Screen Printing needs.


John Szczesniak
Regions: Central and North Georgia,
Eastern Tennessee, South and North Carolina.

Cole Smith
Regions: Northeast Florida, South Georgia

Danny Adams
Regions: Central and South Alabama, Northwest Florida,
Central and South Mississippi.

Ronnie Hollis
Regions: Central and North Mississippi,
Western Tennessee, Kentucky.

Matt Osborne
Region: Central and North Alabama, East Tennessee